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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Turning Point? It Just May Be

The Mets defeated the Marlins last night at Shea Stadium in 12 innings by the score of 7-6. What was special about this game wasn't the fact that they won, but the way that they played. Willie played what the papers are dubbing "the super subs" and it paid off for the second night in a row. It is not that I normally would like a team to have Damion Easley batting 5th and Fernando Tatis batting 6th and playing right field, but it is the energy and leadership that these subs seem to bring that has made me believe again. These players play the game the right way and it seems to be contagious. All of a sudden the last couple of nights the bullpen has pitched better, the team is playing great defense and the offense is getting the hits they need to win the game. More importantly it seems as if the team is finally starting to believe in itself. Based on post game remarks by many different players you could tell this was the case.

Endy Chavez on the win “The ambiance over here is changing, it’s more positive. I know we have good talent down here and we just have to work hard and show it on the field.”

Reyes on the win: “It is big, because we win the series too. To come through like that, to win that game, it’s huge for us. Tomorrow, we come with a different energy to the game…Hopefully we can continue to play like this against the Dodgers.”

Lastly, Wagner on the win: “I mean, there was a different feeling about how we were playing. The whole game, even when we were down, we were like, you know, there’s a different feeling here. And you can tell, guys were doing a lot of things, you were getting a lot of aggressive play.”

Its not the win that has people so excited, it is the manner that it happened and the way the players feel that have people feeling like this could be the start of something.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I woke up this morning embarrassed. What is with all of the negativity in Metsville these days? Why all the booing? What crime did Carlos Delgado commit against us that has caused all of this venom. I get frustrated with him and his fading ability...but the dude plays a game......Have we become Phillie's fans? Or worse?

There are so many positives right now, and a few things that need to be fixed.

The positives:

Nelson Figueroa. He's been a godsend. A guy who came out of no where....Pitched 280 innings in 2007, and knows how to PITCH. Anybody booing yesterday notice that the number 5 starter is 2-1 and is consistently getting into the 6th inning? And beat John Smoltz

Duaner Sanchez. He looks to be back.

Ryan Church. The guy is a baseball player. Quite a catch he made against the Braves.

Luis Castillo. Had a good series against the Braves and is swinging the bat pretty well in the 2 hole.

Billy Wagner. Right now, he's un-hittable

Johan Santana. As good as advertised.....He really mowed down the Phillies last Friday night.

While all you knuckleheads are booing, think about this. The METS took two out of three in Philadelphia, and just took two out of the from the Braves. Getting swept in Wrigley Field didn't bother me (getting pounded 7-1- and 8-1 was hard to watch) as much as that 10-5 debacle in Washington the other night.

My point is that the METS are playing very well against the teams they have to beat.

Things that need to be fixed

Jose Reyes need more patience at the plate

Brian Schneider needs to recover quickly....he's an above average catcher and the staff need him.

Aaron Heilman has to regain his command.

Carlos Beltran
need his left handed stroke back.

The METS are last in MLB in home runs? An April aberration, I hope so.

METS fans need to sit back, enjoy the game, relax and start cheering again

Monday, April 21, 2008


Things seem to be coming together. When Jose Reyes gets on base, and with David Wright locked in at the plate, Carlos Beltran quietly beginning to swing the bat well, the New York METS resemble the the team we fans expected. As I read other blogs (many often negative), there seems to be a grudging admittance that he Church-Schneider deal was one of Omar's better moves as GM.

I don't mean to nit pick, but I liked Ryan Church batting 2nd and Castillo batting 8th. I hope Willie reconsiders his move and returns Church to he two hole.

Zambrano-Maine tonight, if Maine can kep the ball down. the METS should be in good shape.

Is all the talk about the Phillies having the METS number (and being in their heads) finally over? Santana and Perez shut the Phillies down and really set the tone for the series. Is Chase Utley officially a Mets killer?

If I'm worried, it's the bullpen. Particularly Aaron Heilman.

Should Moises Alou sit or start over Angel Pagan when he is ready to play? My vote is to let Pagan continue to play.

Enough of these national games. Kenny Albert, Joe Morgan. I prefer Ron, Keith and Gary, on MLB Extra's

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I've gotten a number of emails from readers, who like me, follow the New York METS from our homes away from New York. We have the advantage of watching the Mets without all of the negativity swirling around them in New York. A special thanks to Justin, a Mets fan from the Midwest.

Moving Ryan Church up in the order and dropping Castillo to to eight hole looks like a good move. Pagan, Church and Schneider are looking like good off season pickups.

What was the point of Mets fans booing Santana last Saturday? I felt embarrassed by it

Ted Berg's comments on SNY TV make sense to me

“I think the real problem starts in the media. Local columnists love a good bugaboo, and this year, they’re treated to the supposed hangover from the Great Collapse of 2007… Fans read and hear about the carryover effect of 2007 and boo when they think they see it playing out in front of their eyes. It’s their prerogative and as an avowed booer myself, I’m hardly one to judge. But it seems senseless to boo a team so early in the season, with so little evidence to back it up.”

I agree, I have stopped reading the Post and Daily News...I'm interested in reading about game summaries and a breakdown of strategy, not 2007.

Based on the way Lastings Milledge played Jose Reyes's double, he's probably better suited go play one of the corner outfield positions. (OK, one play is a small sample, I admit it).

Is David Wright David Letterman's favorite player?

I still think Johan Santana will win 18 games in 2008.

Mike Pelfrey in my opinion, will be a key to this season. Watching him tonight, he is really throwing well. The Mets need him to go out and give them six quality innings every time he takes the ball. He threw the ball well against the Phillies last week and again tonight against the Nats.

Looks like Jose Reyes needed a couple of days off. Single, Double and Triple in 3 AB's.

Mets need to improve on getting runners from 3rd. with less than two outs. Too many wasted scoring opportunities. Maybe some more production from Beltran and Deldado

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nelson Figueroa

Being that I'm a Brooklyn born New Yorks Mets fan, living in eastern Massachusetts, ( 5 miles from Brandeis University), it was like being in a sports candy store.

With a flick of my clicker, I had the METS- Brewers, Red Sox-Stinkees, and the RANGERS-Devils.

Most surprising to me was Figueroa's performance. Great command of the strike zone, and he was pitching with a plan. He was economical, and didn't seem intimidated by Fielder or Braun. getting six innings from your emergency # 5 starter is a pleasant bonus. Hey Omar, this looks like a good move.

David Wright has been playing solid baseball, even though he's not hitting. Two stolen bases on Thursday night (even with a "o-for"), two hits last night. Pagan and Church continue to play well.

As a team, they've adapted well (so far) to the ball not carrying and their lack of power hasn't hurt them. Playing .750 baseball at Shea (winning 3 out of 4) is a huge improvement over 2007. Lets hope it continues.

Johan Santana vs Ben Sheets is an early season treat for me. Santana's Shea debut should be exciting.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


A much needed win. Both in the standings and for the mental health for New York METS fans everywhere. Some observations;

The ball isn't carrying very well at Shea . The ball that Carlos Beltran hit in the 1st inning just hung up and died.

Mike Pelfrey threw well. I was impressed when he challenged Ryan Howard in the first inning. Went right after him, no nibbling on the corners. In the second inning, he kept his composure after the Jose Reyes misplay of the 5-4-3 ground ball.

Angel Pagan hit well in the two hole. Maybe when Luis Castillo comes back, Manager Willie Randolph will leave Pagan hitting second.

Was that ball David Wright hit past Chase Utley in the first inning, an error or a base hit?

Last night proved how valuable Jimmy Rollins is. Phillies were a different team without him.

Pedro Feliciano was effective, it was good to see him in the game.

Number 5 starter, who gets the ball?